The aim of this site is to be of use to people looking for their nearest library, and to promote libraries in the UK. It was created as a reaction to a perceived lack of library technology, but has grown a bit into a place to find local libraries through the site, and through the Android mobile app; and also a place for articles about all things to do with libraries, books, coffee, programming, web analytics, and more.

How does it work?

The site works in two ways. It has a database which was created from a Dataset published on This included locations of libraries, contact names, email etc. This data stored in a database locally, but data is also retrieved from a call to a web service which is published by the Culture Grid, to get the most up-to-date location data. So the data you end up seeing is a mix of these.

Recently, the Find A Book service was provided on the home page. This uses another web service, designed by OCLC called WorldCat. More information is provided in the supporting technology sources part of this page.

Disclaimer: This site is produced with the intention of creating a tool to show library information in the UK (a 'single view of libraries'). The data is gathered from, the Culture Grid web services, and OCLC WorldCat, alongside location data generated through Google geolocation services - with the intention of creating the most accurate information possible. Where data is incorrect please feel free to contact and I will advise on we can correct it.