The data search tools in this site are also made available in a mobile app. That application will automatically find the user's location, using the location services available on phones and tablets, and give directions to the nearest libraries, and further information about those libraries.

Find My Library mobile apps

The Find My Library mobile app is available on all the major app platforms. These apps provide the following features:

  1. Search for 10 libraries closest to the phone/tablet user's location (using GPS and Internet access).
  2. List certain details about each library (address, website, contact name, phone number).
  3. Provide a map view of the location of the library (or of the complete search results).

This page is being updated as more platforms are being supported. To see if the app is available for your phone check out the download links.

Android app

Download Link: Find My Library on Google Play

v.0.1 of the Find My Library Android app was released to the Google Play marketplace on 8th September 2012. This is now on v0.9 (v1.0 is taking a little longer as it is a complete redesign).

Windows Desktop app

Windows 8 Store link: Windows 8 Store

A Windows Store app is also available which runs on Windows 8 desktop computers and tablets.

This has the same features as the Android app and some more: you can search for your nearest public and non-public libraries, and also search for custom locations.

iOS app (iPhone/iPad)

Apple Store link: Apple App Store

On 9th December 2013 v1 of the Find My Library app for Apple devices was released. This provides the same functionality as the Android app and is optimised for both iPads and iPhones.

WordPress widget plugin

If you have your own WordPress site then you can add a library finder widget for your visitors to use. This comes without branding and can be styled as you choose.

Visit the Find My Library wordpress plugin for more details.