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If you are an Android or iPhone/iPad user, go to the apps page to find information about the mobile apps available to download and use (all free of charge).


For a full collection search, using data from library and museum collections in the UK, go to the collections page.

Library catalogues

This site integrated with WorldCat library catalogue services. If you want to see if there is a particular item for loan near you, use the Find a Book service on this page, or the full find a book page


There is also a mapping page showing the spread of public libraries across the UK.

This site is a tool to find your nearest and local UK public libraries. It is also designed to share reviews, and provide information on collections and facilities offered (and within various other institutions around the country such as museums and galleries) .  To get started, use the search box below to enter your location.

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Looking for a particular book to borrow? Use this tool to find the nearest library holding it. Enter a keyword (e.g. author, title or both) and select the correct option from the drop down that appears. Further details of the book will appear underneath.

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